Diagrams of Handrail Components

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HANDRAIL:  The wood or metal portion of the railing which is held onto while walking, climbing, or descending.  Industry standards run from 1 /14" up to 2 1/4".

PICKETS:  The vertical design elements that are positioned within the field to give the railing part of its design.

4" BALL RULE:  None of the spaces within the field are large enough so that a 4" ball can pass through them.  This is a safety feature to prevent children and small animals from becoming trapped.

  A LATERAL:  The curved portion of the cap rail and wrought iron handrail that turns to meet the newel post.

NEWEL POST:  The post at the bottom of the stairway at which the handrail and top rail end.

UPPER AND LOWER RAIL:  The horizontal "bars" or lengths of steel into which the field is built.







Infinity Design Railing
Florentine Design Railing  
Rosemont Design Railing  
Eon Design Railing  
Blacksmith Design Railing                     
Eternal Design Railing                    
Laurel Design Railing 
Arches Design Railing 
Celtic Knot Railing   
Plain Square Bar  Railing
Twisted and Straight Picket Railing 
Rope Design Railing
Arrow Finial Railing    
Logic Pickets, Double Scroll Pickets  
Mission Design Railing  
Moira Architectural Accent 
Lucid Design Railing, page 1    
Lucid Design Railing, page 2
Bowed or Belly Picket Railing         
Twisted Square Bar Railing   
Twisted Basket Design Railing           
Stalwart Design Railing  
Bella Design Railing
Basic Pipe Railing    
Sara Design Railing       
Wave Design Railing                           
Grooved Wall Mount Handrail                            
Engraved Wall Mount Handrail                          
Honeycomb Wall Mount Handrail                           
Scalloped Wall Mount Handrail                          
Tubular Wall Mount Handrail                           
Pipe Wall Mount Handrail                         
Flat Bar Wall Mount Handrail                          
Handrail Brackets A B C                               
Handrail Brackets D E                              
Moose Wrought Iron Gate                               
Swing Wrought Iron Gate                              
Stagecoach Gate Entrance                                    
Cattle Gate Entrance                                  
Arch Gate Entrance                                     
Floral Design Spiral Staircase                                
Anchor Design Interior Ladder  
How to Measure for Handrail and Railing
Additional Measuring Diagrams  finding the length of your handrail
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Wall-Mount Handrail Installation
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