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 1  Home Grooved Wall Mount Handrail 

Sara Design Railing        

standard white

The frond leaf design of the Sara is created by heating in the forge and hand beating the metal to a narrow point and then bending and shaping until the desired curves are achieved.  The asymmetrical design is perfect for a small exterior handrail or railing such as this.

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Our customers, Mr. & Mrs. B. of Manitowoc, WI asked that we design a short handrail for their front door.  We came up with this design and with her permission, we named the railing for the lady of the house. 
February 9, 2009 -- Mrs. B. writes: 
   I am sorry but this is not a handrail...this is ART!  Everything 
about it is smooth, solid, and elegant.  I  don't know how he could 
bend the different widths of metal so beautifully.  I am sure it is 
one of a kind right now but once people see the pictures that your wonderful design team has come up with, others will have 
it to enjoy as well. 
    Anything Mark has ever made for us has truly been of the highest quality.  We always say you make "Forever" products, things that will last from generation to generation. 
    As you know the day you installed the handrail I was having a birthday party and many of my guests talked about gifts we had given them through the years made by Wrought Iron Solutions
-- the Football mobile they hang every Packer Sunday, -- and as my Grandson moves to his new home and puts up the fly fisherman piece that was designed many years ago for him, the Fry Pans with the designs to fit the personalities of different people, and the list goes on and on, all agreeing that they were special gifts they would keep forever.  So keep up the wonderful work.
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