Tubular Wall-mount Handrail

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Ground or Floor Mounted Railings Wall Mount Handrails, Brackets, Gates

Tubular handrail       The first photo is of the heavy gauge steel tubular material. hand rail volute


handrail lamb's tongue  
Please click to enlarge.These 2 photos are shown in a customer-chosen green finish - the lighting makes them look to be different colors but they are the same.
handrail flat end



All ends are welded on and the welds are ground and smoothed.

Although less expensive than most of our wall mount handrail, the tubular design is inherently one of the strongest.  LINK to more tubular handrail photos.

Our customer C. T., was so very kind to send us the photo at the left, of her installed tubular handrail







Width of the tubular handrail:  13/4 inches    This handrail is easy to grip and very attractive installed. 

April 22, 2008   Kimberly Dallas of North Canton, OH writes: 

Thanks Vicki
The package arrived just nowólooks great (2:20 pm Tuesday). The package was opened but it looks like the parts are all here. UPS called late yesterday afternoon to let me know they put the package on the wrong truck, and then had duplicated the tracking number with an item in New Philly Ohio.  (JUST AN FYI) So basically people in New Philly got the package on their back door and sent it to me.  
We love the way the banister looks, hope to have it up before leaving for NYC.
We will definitely look forward to future business together.  
Kim Dallas 

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