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 1  Home Grooved Wall Mount Handrail 

Wrought Iron Solutions, LLC --- History 

Wrought Iron Solutions began business on October 1, 1994 in the tiny town of Scurry, Texas.  It was actually started in a small shed on the property of Mark and Vicki Brown, along with the help of their son, Timothy Brown. 

The business was moved to a shop in Ripon, Wisconsin in August, 2000 because the Browns wished to be closer to their family in Wisconsin.

The Ripon shop grew to be too small and a much larger building was purchased in January, 2005 just south of the City of Ripon. 

The owners / members are:    Mark Brown     Vicki Brown     Timothy Brown

Mark Brown in the shop   Tim Brown in our shipping room







We started our business in Scurry, Texason October 1, 1994 in a shop located on our country property.  In 2002 we moved to Wisconsin to be close to family members.  There are times we miss Texas, but it's wonderful to be home too.

    Mark has been in the metal working business for 41 years and has run some of the largest jobs in the world, from the copper mines of Arizona, to the GM plant paint burn unit in Arlington, Texas, to various Frito Lay plants in a number of states, to a casino in Nevada.  His work is exceptional.


    Our son Tim, has worked with us since he was 14 and we are very grateful for presence in our business. 

 In January of 2005 we needed a larger shop in which to build the handrail and staircases that we've been doing so much of so we bought a place in the country at N7487 County Road E just a couple of miles outside of Ripon.  We love the new place since the new shop is almost 5 times as large as the old shop.

 Tim and Starla were married the summer of 2006.







 2  Infinity Design Railing Engraved Wall Mount Handrail    
 3  Florentine Design Railing   Honeycomb Wall Mount Handrail   
 4  Rosemont Design Railing   Scalloped Wall Mount Handrail    
 5  Eon Design Railing   Tubular Wall Mount Handrail  
 6  Blacksmith Design Railing    Pipe Wall Mount Handrail
 7  Eternal Design Railing      Flat Bar Wall Mount Handrail
 8  Laurel Design Railing  Blacksmith Wall Mount Handrail
 9  Arches Design Railing   
10 Celtic Knot Railing   
11 Square Bar Railing Plain  
12 Square Bar Railing Twisted Handrail Brackets A B C 
13 Square Bar Railing Twisted - 2 Handrail Brackets D E 
14 Square Bar Railing Beaten Handrail Brackets - Blacksmith
15 Logic & Double Scroll Pickets   Custom Handrail Brackets
16 Mission Design Railing    
17 Moira Architectural Accent  Finishes
18 Lucid Design Railing, page 1    
19    Additional Lucid Railing Photos Anchor Design Interior Ladder  
20    More Lucid Railing Photos Floral Design Spiral Staircase  
21 Cross Bar Railing  
22 Bowed or Belly Picket Railing  Moose Wrought Iron Gate
23 Rope Design Railing Swing Wrought Iron Gate  
24 Twisted Basket Design Railing   Steer & Horse Gate Entrance
25     Additional Twisted Basket Photos Stagecoach Gate Entrance
26 Basic Pipe Railing  Cattle Gate Entrance
27    Additional Pipe Railing Photos Arch Gate Entrance
28 Sara Design Railing  Maple Hill Gate Entrance
29 Wave Railing                            Square Bar Railing Gate
30 Stalwart Design Railing  
31 Bella Design Railing  
32 Arrow Finial Railing  
33 Wood Grain / Tree Bark Railing
34 Aluminum Railing for Docks  
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