Installation of Railing to Concrete or Stone

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 1  Home Grooved Wall Mount Handrail  Below are illustrated 3 types of railing installation options.

Core drill installation, floor-mount railings

FIRST - If any part of the railing must be screwed to another part to form a section or to form the complete railing, fasten them together with the screws or bolts provided.

Set the posts on the steps or the landing in the positions at which they will be installed - mark these spots.

Core drill 3" diameter holes that are 6 inches deep.

Dry fit the railing to be sure that the posts fit into the holes.

IMPORTANT - Slip the shoes onto the posts and temporarily tie them up with string so that they are out of the way.

Mix a good grade hydraulic cement such as Rockite according to the package directions. 

Fill the holes completely.

Set the posts into the holes, positioning the railing. 

Use temporary bracing to hold the railing plumb and level.  Some of these hydraulic cements start to set up fairly fast so you will want to work quickly to position the railing correctly. 

Be SURE to mound up the cement a bit so that no pools of water can form around the base of the posts.  Rain water, hose water, etc. must be able to run off of the cement.


Discard the temporary bracing.

Let down the shoes.

Stand back to admire a fine job, well done.

Rockite - we use this because it expands slightly as it dries and
                makes a really tight and secure installation
                    This is available at Ace Hardware, and probably other hardware
                    stores and on line.
    Plate installation, , floor-mount railings:
            plates with 4 screw holes are welded to the bottoms of the posts
            concrete anchors are provided with which to screw the plates down
   shoe for the railing post 

Core drill installation - core drills can be found at your local rental store along with the 3" core drill bit needed.

Please click on the diagrams to enlarge them


  3/8" concrete anchors

Tools Needed for Railing Installation Using Shoe Posts -- this is not a core drill installation
hammer drill for drilling the concrete to put in the concrete bolts
drill motor with 5/16" chuck
    Set railings in place
    Mark the holes
    Remove railing and drill just 1 hole for every foot
    Replace feet and tap an anchor into the holes
    Drill remainder of the holes through the feet
    Put remaining anchors in
    Do not tighten
    Replace the shoe and railing on the feet posts
    Lift shoe to tighten the anchors
    Use self drilling and self tapping screws through the railing
        posts and into the feet posts
    Lower the shoe
    Stand back and look at the fine job you did


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